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The studio welcomes many different people from many different backgrounds and experiences … key to all is discretion. This not only from your point of view but from ours and anyone using the studio. The Studio has some soundproofing, but is not fully sound proof. We have ‘neighbours’ and are not in an isolated position where anything goes! Therefore you must consider what you will be doing within normal working hours, shouting and screaming is not acceptable and we can not accommodate it. Anything with any increase in volume is for after 6pm or weekends – hard and fast rule – that kind of noise brings attention to the studio.

No one turns up in any form of ‘dress’ other than civilian clothes

Please ensure when you arrive you take all your belongings you need for your time with us out of the car, once you are ‘dressed’ you will not be able to just ‘nip’ out to the car!

Please park courteously on the forecourt.

Any passer by does not need to see you in full dress!…please be aware when opening the main door, and if for any reason you need to be outside the studio please do so in civilian clothing.

Bookings & Studio Use

Bookings fee’s are required, the hourly rate is £50 per hour and you will need to pay 50% of that to secure your appointment in the diary, this is non refundable, however if you can give us a full 5 day’s notice provided the diary allows we will let you move the appointment. You can do this only once and in a reasonable time frame, we would consider a reasonable time frame to be 1 month.

BANK DETAILS :- HSBC bank…..Account name….. A. Cook…Sort Code 40-10-02, Account Number 62255391

The hire cost does not include consumables, i.e. lube, gloves, needles, first aid items, it is your responsibility to bring these with you.

Any damages will be charged to you at cost, so please please look after this wonderful facility.

Towels are provided – if you are going to be using harnesses with buckles etc please put towels down first, scratches and rips from buckles these could potentially create will be charged. We would rather replenish the towels than have to mend rips and damage to equipment. Equally please do not stand on the kit in heels, stiletto marks and punctures in the leather are not repairable.

There is ample clean up solutions provided, the expectation is that you leave the studio very much in the pristine state you hire it in.

The Milking Machine is not within the hire cost, unless you can assure us you know how to use it. If your are unsure please ask for details, otherwise the expectation is you are fully kitted yourself to deal with your needs.

Any piece of equipment you are unsure of – it is your responsibility to ask, if your unsure don’t use it, accidents or misuse are not ideal for anyone and are your responsibility! We are always on hand to advise and show you, and will take you round all the equipment as many times as you need.

 The custom hoists have 25 stone/350Lb/160KG maximum weight limit – please adhere to it.

There is Ipod facility and Bose docking station you may use, alternately your welcome to bring your own.

Hot wax sticks are prohibited in the studio, it sticks to leather and leaves a residue that is almost impossible to remove.

Biohazard disposal – a needle sharps bin is provided, please use it and NOT the general bin. Please dispose of used materials respectfully.

Smoking is prohibited in the studio, we have no way to vent and therefore can not accommodate this.

Hard Sports  are prohibited in the studio, residual odour is again not something we can vent, and therefore we can not accommodate this.

You will find the studio densely equipped with impact and sensory toys which you are welcome to use. For us it is much easier for you to leave what you have used in a pile at the end of your session, that way we can clean and sterilise what you have used and also return it to where it lives without you worrying about where you got it from. Returning it to the wrong place can be a nightmare for us to find.T

There is a minimum booking time of 2 hours. nothing is worse than feeling pressured for time that is why all hires allow for arrival 15 mins before by you before your start time and an additional 15 minutes after the booking is complete. This time is meant as a courtesy to you for setting up and packing down and allowing a little over run so that a session may come to a natural conclusion, so please be aware of your timing throughout. The theatre of your sessions must be conducted within reason, within the time you have hired Fallen Angel for.

Opening Times –

Monday to Friday 10.30am to 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 10.30pm to 6pm


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