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Monday – Friday: 10.30 am – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 12pm – 6pm


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you may like to know


Essentia, what does that mean? It is the name of our company that incorperates several small businesses, one of which is Dungeon Hire, also the DominaSara site and the MedicalMistress site

Web site build & Hosting

When not busy with Dungeon hire we enjoy I.T. if you like the look of this site, the Domina Sara one or the Medical Mistress one and need a site yourself just get in touch, there are way to many options to list here but we can sort you out a package deal including hosting etc


Being involved in several businesses leads to owning many tools of many varieties one of ours is a fibre engraving/cutting machine, friends have asked us to engrave things they would be unsure of asking about in the local jewellers, we on the other hand will engrave anything on anything for you, collars, cuffs, tags, near any surface you can think of we can do!


Outside of Dungeon Hire, Domina Sara is a Professional Dominatrix with 20 plus years experience, over and above that it is no secret we are a lifestyle couple of some 30 years, over the three decades of involvment Domina has built a huge skill set and loves to pass that knowledge on in the form of mentoring.

**Looking to improve private play.

**A professional looking to add skills.

**Just starting out and looking to build a business.

Contact us here for rates and availability, small groups also catered to!


Over Night

The Dungeon is only available to hire for hours in the day or at a day rate, we are not in a position to offer over night stays!


We do not have parties here, the facility is for players, professional or private to play.


The maximum amount of people in the Dungeon at one time is 4, this is a densly equipped area so anymore and safety becomes an issue not to mention noise levels.


If you don’t know how to use a bit of kit or an impliment please just ask, we are always on hand and will be glad to show you how anything works, obvious exceptions would be impliments that need skill sets built on practice practice practice….


Nothing is extra, if it is in the Dungeon then it is there for you to use, If you don’t know how to use something then either don’t use it or ask for help, we’d be happy to oblige.

Paying the balance

You’ve paid 50% of your hire either via bank transfer or PayPal, the remainder is due on the day, you can before you leave home, bank transfer or PayPal the remainder or you can pay in cash when you arrive for your booking. If you book far enough in advance and don’t wish a paper trail then cash via Special delivery is ok also!

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Monday - Friday : 10.30am - 8pm

​Saturday & Sunday : 12pm - 6pm


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