Studio Decor –  One Natural Stone Wall, One Block Work Wall, Two Dark Pewter Coloured Walls. Oak Laminate Flooring. Ambient adjustable uplighting with Par 64 LED Can Lights, adjustable floor lift lighting system.

The Judicial Chair

Enfettered Inversion Rack, Enfettered Corner Bondage post,  enfettered low Bed, Enfettered The Justice Chair, Enfettered Bench, Series 3 Enfettered  Bed, Enfettered Bondage Cross, Enfettered Corner Coffin, Enfettered Corner Cage, Suspension Sling,  Floating Suspension Body Board,  Slave Toilet and Queening Seat(Bentley version)
CBT Station, Venus 2000, Milking Machine, 
3 Custom Hydraulic Suspension Systems
Suspension Harness(several by Enfettered)
Iron Maiden
Bondage Sit Sling and Bondage Strap Cage
Horizontal Suspension Bar and Suspension Sleep Sack
Padded Foot Suspension Stirrups, Arm Binders and Leg Binders
Heavy Weight Padded Wrist Suspension Cuffs
Heavy Weight Padded Wrist, Ankle Cuffs and Bondage Collars
Whips, Quirts, Sjamboks, Crops and Floggers Prison Straps, Tawses and Paddles
Vac Bed and Inflation Sleep Sack
Rubber Bondage Sleep Sack by Enfettered, Canvass and Leather Strait Jacket
Rubber Harness and Hogties by Enfettered. Rubber Strait Jacket
Rubber, Leather and Sensory Deprevation Hoods  Puppy Hood and Paws
Gags, Rubber Insertions and Gas Masks
Plus extensive range of Nipple Clamps, Weights, Pin Wheels, Suction, Parachutes, Insertables, and Chastity Devices.

All equipment is supplied by Quality retailers like Enfettered, Top to Bottom Leathers, Quality Control, MC Customs, DeMask

**Any damages to the studio or missing equipment will be charged at cost price
Please note: Equipment not included in your hire, Electric Violets Wands, Erostek systems and attachments. The GenerationF Milking machine. Medical sundries and consumables. Therefore to ensure your experience with us is met to the full, please make sure you have these items with you if they form part of your day.

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