Studio Kit

Studio Decor –  One Natural Stone Wall, One Block Work Wall, Two Dark Pewter Coloured Walls. Laminate Flooring. Ambient lighting

Enfettered Inversion Rack, Enfettered Wheel,  Enfettered low Bed with suspension, removable legs and aircraft rail, Enfettered The Hellion Lite, Enfettered Controller bench, Enfettered Series 3  Bed, Enfettered custom 4 point suspension rig, Enfettered Corner Coffin, Enfettered Corner Cage, Enfettered Suspension Sling,  Enfettered Floating Suspension Body Board,  Enfettered Slave Toilet, Enfettered Queening Seat Luxe version Enfettered Suspension Gynae, Enfettered Suspension Pillory Enfettered Spanking Horse Enfettered Trample board Enfettered Bondage suspension Suit Enfettered Sit Sling Enfettered suspension lay down sling 3 styles of Enfettered Suspension Harnesses A huge array of gas masks and hoods all by Enfettered A vast collection of floggers, whips, paddles, straps, tawses All provided by Enfettered GenerationF Milker. 

All equipment is supplied by Enfettered


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