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The Studio

Densely equipped, UKs premier Fetish Studio Suite

Studio Hire

The studio opens its doors to private hire, film production and photo shoots. A private and discreet play space for everyone, catering for all levels.

The Kit

Extensively kitted out with some of the finest names in the BDSM industry, EssentiaWhips, Fetters, Top to Bottom Leathers to name but a few.

The Studio

The Studio boasts an impressive and densely kitted environment. Situated conveniently close to the M1 and A5, also MK central train station.

Come inside Fallen Angel



The best in confinement with the Fetters Suspension Cage and Coffin, both exciting in their unlimited use of tease, denial and sensory overload

The Toys Have it!

The Studio is saturated with the finest in quality toys, Floggers, Whips, Straps, Paddles, an array of impact toys that is unrivalled

Custom Hydraulics

With 3 individual electric hoist points, the custom suspension area is geared for sensory overload and suspension bondage like no other!

Take a look around!

Rising up the natural stone wall, flanked by atmospheric Par Can lighting. The Studio is densely equipped with the finest BDSM equipment

See my hand crafted work at this 1st rate Dungeon...Mike


Canes, cuffs, collars, sit-sling, straps, all proudly hand crafted for M'n'T at Fallen Angel...I&M

Top To Bottom Leathers

Pleased to of supplied the strap cage and numerous other bits to Fallen Angel...J

Quality Control

Tawses, Paddles,, Straps supplied to Fallen Angel, with pride...M.C

M.C. Custom

Thanks for all your custom, I am happy and proud you choose to use my goods, Tony...

Essentia Floggers

Tony and Mel have used our products to build the UK's premier dungeon....JB


Happy to supply my quality product to what is in my opinion, the UK's premier, and best equipped dungeon

Essentia Whips

Our latest blog post

Whats happening at the Studio

May 2, 2018 No Comments

Total revamp

Short blog…take a last look at Fallen Angel as is, every year we strip out the dungeon, re paint or touch up as needed, usually remove something that doesn’t get a lot of use and replace it with something we hope gets better use, however this year we are going for it, a total revamp, […]

July 17, 2017 No Comments

Anyone want a job?

  Well the title is a little misleading, well then again not really, maybe? sort of? Oh i don’t know, read on and see what you think…. So a good few years back now I got off the roundabout that is **The Travelling Mistress**and set up my own place, some of you may know it […]

March 21, 2017 No Comments

ProDom Opportunity

  A unique opportunity to build a ProDom business, a more detailed blog shortly, in the meantime if you are a travelling PD or better still a PD local looking to build a good and lucrative business, please get in touch………         Mel’n’Tony xx

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