Ok so, we have left the old blog below so you can see what we are talking about, we currently have several part time ladies working here and a very healthy bunch of regular private players so we are very much not wanting to upset the apple cart so to speak….

If you are a professional looking for an awesome play space to work from and build a business from then it is always worth an email to us, things change all the time and we may be looking just at the time your email lands, but for now whilst we will still consider any enquiries we get we are not actively looking….hope that makes sense?

Old Blog….

You may know Fallen Angel Studios as the domain of Domina Sara and you’d be right, but as with any ProDom as time passes and experience is gained eventually either retirement or specialisation is the path that is followed, In the case of Domina Sara, after 20 plus years of club play, private play and PDing, she has as many of you know this past several years specialised in Medical play and has a dedicated Medical Room known as The Practice……..

When moving across to the medical room it in effect took clientele from the dungeon, and so the business changed, we started to rent out the Dungeon not just to private players, that was something we’d always done, but also to other ProDomme’s currently we have one  Lady who works from here and is establishing a business, we have another Lady who owns her own dungeon but uses ours when a client requests something she can’t cater for at her own, so just an occasional user,  and last but by no means least another Lady who works mostly in another part of the industry so again an occasional user. Sounds a lot and certainly it is more than enough to keep the wolves from the door but…..

we very much have room to take on a full time ProDomme who is looking for a play space to work from and to build a business from, we do not offer training here so not looking for a total novice, that said when time allows Domina Sara is not against sharing her vast knowledge and skill sets, she would of course give instruction on the kit and time allowing do all she could to help a new to the dungeon Lady settle in, we are more just making the point that if you’re looking for an apprentice style placement we really just don’t have the time let alone the inclination. sorry!

It’s an awesome space in a great location and as it stands there is space enough for somebody to be making a very good living from it, if thats you drop us a line and we can arrange to meet, show you round, get some idea of each other and move on from there.

We look forward to hearing from you!

thanks for reading

Mel’n’Tony xx