The short answer is everyone…….


You may know Fallen Angel Studios as the domain of Domina Sara and you’d be right, but as with any ProDom as time passes and experience is gained eventually either retirement or specialisation is the path that is followed, In the case of Domina Sara, after 20 plus years of club play, private play and PDing, she has as many of you know this past several years specialised in Medical play and has a dedicated Medical Room known as The Practice……..

What she hadn’t realised as such is how many of her regular clients were infact doing Medical play but in the Dungeon environment and with the opening of The Practice most have moved across leaving Fallen Angel not as busy as it once used to be. As this is without doubt one of the best if not the best equipped dungeons in the UK is is a shame not to see it used, hence Domina has now taken the decision to open it up to anyone wishing to hire it as a play space, for photo shoots, filming, whatever your poison…


thanks for reading


Mel’n’Tony xx

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